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Frequently Asked Questions About Racing Fuels

What is the best way to store VP Racing Gasoline?

As long as the gasoline is kept in a tightly sealed container, the storage is indefinite. These gasolines contain olefinic hydroccarbons in negligible concentrations, thus their tendency to form gums and varnishes is negligible. The gasoline will not separate as its components are solvents of each other. Also, don't expose the fuel to direct sunlight as the ultraviolet rays will oxidize the lead.

What is the highest octane rating a gasoline can have?

For research and motor octane ratings the ASTM methods No. D2699-81 for the operation of the octane engine gives a scale up to 120.3.

Why do plugs with VP gasoline look so lean?

Because the percentage of the aromatic hydrocarbons in the fuel is relatively low compared to other gasolines. These products have soot forming properties in gasoline.

Will an engine run cooler with VP?

Yes, C-12 and C-14 will absorb more heat than other gasolines and tend to cool the intake charge. This is especially noticeable in 2-stroke applications.

Can I use C-14 in endurance and oval track engines?

Yes, but C-12 is better suited for the high cylinder wall temperatures that these engines experience. These engines also generally run below 8000 RPMs and power output for these two fuels is the same up to 8000 RPMs.

What type of 2-stroke oil should be used in C-12?

C-12, C-14, and VP Red work very well with synthetic or petroleum based oils. However, bean oils will tend to separate below 35 degrees F. in fuels with a specific gravity of less than .730.

Will C-12 make more power in a 9 to 1 oval motor?

Yes, usually you will see an improvement of 1 1/2 to 3% torque gain over anything else. The fuel will burn faster and have more BTU value. These differences will show up in a low compression or a high compression engine.

Why does VP use Motor Octane Numbers?

Motor octane more accurately represents a high performance or racing application. The motor octane machine runs at a higher RPM, hotter temperature, and more timing, thus putting more stress on the fuel. Do not be fooled by high research or average (R+M/2) octane numbers.

How much Octane do I need?

Only enough to stop preignition and/or detonation. Remember there are other important factors in power output than just octane. Octane is not the measure of the fuel's power output, it is only a measure of its resistance to preignition and detonation in an octane engine.

Is VP Racing Gasoline made the same every time?

Yes, absolutely. For many people this is one of the most important qualities of our fuel. If there are any improvements in the fuel, we will inform you of the differences and what to expect from these differences. We realize fuel is one of the things a racer can't check, so we feel very responsible for quality control. If you ever suspect you have a problem with our fuel we will be glad to analyze it for you.

How do I go about ordering VP Racing Gasoline?

Check our Dealer List or call Eastern VP fuels at 207-439-3568 to locate the VP dealer or distributor closest to you.

In what quantities are VP fuels available?

VP is available in 5 gallon, 30 gallon, 54 gallon quantities and bulk. VP uses only lined drums to insure no contamination due to rust or corrosion inside the drum!

Are VP products UPS shippable?

Yes, however certain weight and quantity restrictions may apply.

VP Racing Fuels is committed to helping customers choose the very best fuel for their application. If they don't have a fuel that meets your requirements, they can design one. If you have any question, technical or otherwise, please call Steve or Bob at (207) 439-3568 or fax to (207) 439-1497.

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